Creative Webcam Software is Essential Software For Your Webcam

It allows you to take pictures, record video and many more added features. Creative Webcam Software can be used with any cam in both desktops and laptops. Users can click photos, take self shots, create personal video and send them to family and friends.

Creative Webcam Software is also used for live streaming of videos for video chat and video conference. Creative Webcam Software uses a simple UI that is understandable to every new user.

Its options are simple to use like click to record video, click to take a picture and lots more. The software also makes use of the microphone so users can record their voices while recording a video.

Creative Webcam Software serves as a very efficient tool when it comes to online video conferencing. It supports both high quality compression for higher bandwidth internets and also has a low quality presets for low end internet connections. Users who use desktops are required to connect the camera’s usb cable to any of the usb ports in the computer. Creative Webcam Software software when up and running automatically recognizes the make and model of the camera and checks for any built in microphone, If not, its prompts the user to connect one so that audio could be recorded. Connect the camera and click on any third party software which supports video calls.

Users can see their image in a tiny preview window available in the right bottom of the screen. They can also see the full screen video of the other user in the main window. Besides video chat and video conferencing the users are allowed to click their own pictures and create an album by including the photo frames. Photo frames are a virtual frame that puts up an animated frame over the camera preview, the user can match the frame and click pictures accordingly and also they can share it with their family and friends.

Creative Webcam Software comes as commercial software but also goes free on trial basis for a period of 15 days with all the features unlocked. Users are allowed free to use the whole software and if interested they can purchase the full version by buying online from the software’s home page. This unlocks the current trial software and the users are allowed to enjoy the whole features of the software which comes along with a life time support.