Make 3D Video With a 3D Webcam For Posting at Your Website Or YouTube

The success of the 3D movie “Avatar” has aroused the immense interests in 3D movie and videos. Also, the 3D TV was a new category of consumer product that attracted great attention during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. We can expect to see more and more 3D movies in the future, but will we see the same 2D to 3D migration for the web videos such as the YouTube videos? That will depend on how easy it is to make 3D video.

3D video adds excitement to the web video. If you shoot a video to promote a product that is three dimensional, the 3D video will be far more superior than the 2D video to let the viewer grasp the details of the product. If you are shooting a music video, the viewer will feel the excitement and energy as they see the singer jumping out of the screen and reaching out to them!

The 3D video camera needs to record two separate video streams simultaneously at a slightly different angle. It simulates the images captured by our left and right eyes which also see things at a slightly different angle. Our brain combines these two images and creates the 3D world we see everyday. This is called stereoscopic vision.

These two video streams are coded with the opposite colors such as red and cyan. When the viewer wears the red and cyan 3D viewing glass, one eye sees the “red” video stream and the other eye the “cyan” stream. Since these two streams are recorded at different angle just like our two eyes, our brain automatically combines them and creates the 3D perception.

The 3D movies are made with 3D movie camera which is very expensive and is out of reach of the ordinary consumer. But now, there are inexpensive 3D webcams in the market and they are in the price range from $70 to $200. They also have 2 camera lenses. They are connected to the USB port of a PC and records two streams of video. The bundled software allows you to use only one stream as the conventional 2D video, or it codes these two streams as “red” and “cyan” and combines them as a 3D video. The viewer needs to wear the commonly available red and cyan 3D view glass to see the 3D effect. It is very easy to make 3D video with the 3D webcam.

The resulted 3D video can be uploaded to your website or to YouTube. They can also work with Skype, MSN, and etc for video conferencing. The bundled 3D software works with PC today and MAC version should be available soon.