Logitech’s HD Webcam Pro C910 – A Review

The technology marketplace is a dynamic one, with innovative, new products coming onto the market almost daily. The webcam marketplace is no exception. The internet has come a long way from its 56k dial up days. Faster internet connections have meant that larger data carrying capabilities were now possible and with this came the ability to carry live video across the internet. This in turn gave rise to the web camera market. From humble beginnings, this industry has now developed into a huge market with a diverse range of options tailored to different needs and abilities. Early versions of the web camera were quite simple with the then modest internet speeds. However, with the fast movement towards higher internet bandwidth and the relative affordability and availability of high speed internet connectivity to the general public, there has been an avalanche of new and sophisticated products on the web cam market.

One company at the fore of this technological movement is Logitech. Logitech Webcams cover a wide array of user needs and capacity. From low end web cameras like the Logitech C200 and C250 with basic VGA picture quality and low hardware requirements, the Logitech camera range goes on to the high end Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF and many others. One camera that has, however, stood out in the in the Logitech webcam stable is the HD Pro Webcam C910. Originally launched in August of 2010, the C910’s star has risen to the higher achelons of the web camera market. This rise to prominence is no fluke however. The C910 has an impressive array of features that dazzle the imagination. At first glance, its stylish design catches the attention. It’s sleek ergonomic design is easy on the eye and it is a great relief to also find that its impressiveness is not only at a visual level. It boasts a wide array of features that would satisfy even the hardest of critics.

Chief among these is the Carl Zeiss optic lens capable of snapping 10Mp still photos and shooting 1080p Full HD video. The native software (HD Vid) harnesses the full power of the camera by providing High Definition video calling capabilities. It also integrates seamlessly with other video calling software like Skype and Skype’s High Definition calling service (Skype HD), Yahoo Messenger, Gmail voice and video calling services and more. Included in the webcam software pack is video and photo editing software, namely Magix photo and video editing software. For Mac users, the camera comes loaded with Photo Booth, iChat and FaceTime. A free download provides integration with iPhoto and iMovie. There is also one click uploading of video and photos to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Willing Webcam – A Webcam’s Hidden Treasure

Take your good old camcorder off the shelf and turn it into a smart gadget for exchanging streaming video and snapshots, surveillance or guarding property – the new software can breathe in the life to the hardware you’re about to bury.

The advent of broadband connectivity to the Internet gave us not only the opportunity to surf with greater speed and comfort but also the opportunity to talk with colleagues, friends and relatives residing in distant cities, be able to hear their voice and see their face. Most of those who enjoy video chatting over the Net do have a web camera already. Most of those who’d love to chat or dream of video chatting are getting ready to make the final step to the release of their dream and buy their first webcam, also likely have some other digital camera – at least photo or camcorder. But if you think your webcam can only broadcast your lovely face to someone on the other end of the cable – you are not quire right. In just a moment, that “useless” device can become your all-seeing eye, digital nanny, guardian angel or watchman – all you’d need to do for that is install the right software.

Willing Webcam is the software that promises to magically turn just about any video-capturing device into a broad range of handy solutions, whether that’s for business or pleasure. Basically, it captures streaming video or images from the camera and saves it on disk or sends it to your website. But the opportunities that simple, as it seems at first, functionality strike down the imagination.

Of course, the first thing that comes into our minds when we hear “webcam” is video chat over the Internet. And although Willing Webcam doesn’t have a built-in interface for video conferencing, it integrates perfectly with Skype, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other instant messengers, easily resolving hardware compatibility problems that occur with quite a number of camera brands.

With Willing Webcam you can easily share your real-time streaming video with your friends or relatives via your website. No matter how far you are away from each other; they can simply open your webpage and enjoy seeing you. To make your webcam page even more eye-drawing, you can embed all kinds of text labels, pictures or video effects, again, in real time. That might be especially handy for scientists, who would easily comment their research online. Certainly, you can also use your webcam for taking snapshots of something or someone. The quality of the shots, by the way, will be quite good for posting the images online. But that’s still too common. How about having your webcam handle a real challenge?

Put your webcam to guarding your house, car or any other property for you. Like a faithful watchdog, it will scan the darkness trying to capture even the slightest motion and then instantly alert you if it detects an intrusion or drive-away. Of course, it won’t be able to charge an army of soldier robots to tie the intruder’s hands or stop the thief, but it will provide sufficient data for the police department, including the intruder’s or thief’s face made out in high resolution.

Parents, using Willing Webcam, can turn their webcam into a digital babysitter. No matter where they are at the moment, through their office computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet, they can quickly take a look and make sure your baby is okay. Nurses can take advantage of this functionality when watching after their ill or disabled patients; all rooms can be overseen from a single location, and care can be given to the patients promptly.

Besides webcam appliances, Willing Webcam can handle camcorders and digital cameras with a FireWire, S-Video or composite port, video capturing USB devices, TV tuners and network cameras that can generate JPEG or MJPEG image at the output. The software supports image rotation, tilting, and scaling for Logitech Orbit (Sphere) cameras.

They say, for infinitely long time one can watch how fire burns, how water flows, and how someone else works. Webcams naturally meet people’s need for watching someone else doing something. If you direct your streaming video to your website, the tandem of your webcam with this software can draw an army of curious visitors to your website. And once you get the feeling of the software, you will be able to discover even more new ways to make your daily life more protected, comfortable and entertaining.

Spy Software – Modern Solutions For Modern Times

Modern technology departments across the world have to deal with a variety of different problems associated with networking. When you link up several computers together, and have personnel utilizing them 40 hours a week, you’re going to see dips in productivity from time to time, and those dips are going to be difficult to manage moving forward. Any company that has a great deal of problems with productivity has to look into spy software. Spy software is not something that is difficult to manage, nor is it something that is difficult to install and manage across any modern network.

When you look into software that monitors computers remotely, you’ll notice that modern options allow you to monitor networks, and do it all without having to alert anyone. That’s right, no one needs to know that you’re looking at their files, or their keystrokes, making sure that they aren’t either disabling the software or starting to become paranoid of their activity. By simply installing modern software, you can ensure that you can see your office’s computers from anywhere in the world. As long as you install the software on your networked computers and your own, you simply need an Internet connection and you’re watching things in real time. You can also record keystrokes, histories, and so much more.

You don’t have to deal with lackluster productivity form your employees, if you’re a technology manager; you simply need to make sure that you have proper spy software installed. You can find great options at a low cost, which come with upwards of 10 remote licenses and with a plethora of features. Some of the features that you’ll want to explore when you get easy to run options include:

• Chat Room Monitoring – You want to make sure that if you have someone on the network chatting with others, they are not doing anything illegal or giving out personal information about themselves or the company. You can get chat room monitoring for both sides of the equation, and while you’re at it, monitor email transmissions as well.

• Webcam Monitoring – You can utilize webcam software to monitor an office remotely, and make sure all is working out well. With this option you can record and view data in real time or at a later time.

• Microphone Recordings – You can remotely monitor any workstation via the microphone that they have on their computer, making sure that all workers are staying on task.

• Total Stealth Monitoring – The last thing you’ll find out from modern options relies heavily on stealth. Stealth means that you can run programs without anyone knowing what’s going on. You’ll gain total access of any networked computer, without professionals disabling the software, deleting programs, or anything along those lines.

The above features are just a handful of options that you’ll be able to utilize for the sustainability of any major computer system. Whether you’re a parent of small children, or an I.T. manager, you’ll find that the modern spy software is far superior than anything previously released for the same purposes.