Would You Like Live Video Conferencing Software?

Thanks to the revolutionary upgrades of Internet Technology, converging in a particular venue to hold conferences, seminars and meetings has becoming a thing of the past. Just by sitting in their respective places (or at homes in their pajamas) before their computer screens, delegates can attend Live Video Conferences. This saves a lot of hassles – travelling; room bookings; away from their homes and office routine as also spending a lot of money.

Again Live Video conferences were the domain of big corporate companies till recently. Reasons were expensive equipment installations and non-availability of quality software. But not any more. Today there are many vendors from whom you can buy top quality Conferencing Software and Video Production Software.

Best part is there are parties, who offer “free” live video conferencing facilities. They may not be of standard quality though.  You can try free live video conferencing at sites like tocbox ; webconfrence; etc. There is facility for mobile phone live video conferencing on iVisit Mobile and the site ivisit is offering a free trial.

This software is being refined constantly with upgraded technology. There are companies you can go for quality video editing software such as -Adobe Premier Elements; Pinnacle Studio; Magix Movie Edit Pro; Corel Video Studio; Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum; ShowBiz DVD; Roxio Creator; Coral DVD Movie Factory; CyberLink Power Director and Power Producer.

Video copying software helps in taking multiple copies of videos at a time. Conversions from DVD to iPod; movies; videos and such formats like MPEG/AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD are all made possible. Cucusoft is the market leader in providing these quality software for all conversion purposes. Similarly DpSoft Multimedia also provides many products in this line, at competitive prices.

Live video streaming software is another branch of this market, to provide end users wider options in this technology. There are few companies worth the name in supplying live video streaming; live streaming webcam software; and media contents to web pages. These suppliers include Cambrosia WebCam Software; Clipstream; Playerless Streaming Media Software and Mogulus etc.

An Efficient and Powerful Webcam Security Software Revs Up Your Home Security System

Most families do not know that they can easily put up a video surveillance system to make their homes safer with just a personal computer, a webcam, and webcam security software. However, there is so much emphasis on having the most advanced hardware. As a result, most people tend to ignore the importance of having an efficient, easy-to-use security application with features like motion detection, remote monitoring, and video recording capabilities. Here are a few examples of these applications.

Home Camera

What is special about this security application is that it is very user-friendly. In other words, it is very easy to use and setup. The security software application is bundled with many great features such as motion detection, webcam sharing, and time lapse recording.

Also, the software application allows you to send pictures and video via email or through your mobile phone. The software is compatible with all webcams available in the market today. That means, you won’t have to buy a new top-of-the-line webcam to run the application. Although this security application is still in development, a beta version can be downloaded for free.

Webcam Watcher

The thing that’s most impressive about this webcam security software is that it allows you to view multiple cameras at the same time. Among others, the application has motion detection, time lapse recording, user authentication, and auto-update features. You can get full functionality from this software application if your have two or more personal computers with webcams at home. You may need to install video streaming software on your other computers for the system to work, but this is a small flaw for an efficient and powerful security application that offers multiple camera viewing. The Webcam Watcher costs $29.95.

WebCam Monitor v.4.30

This webcam security software will notify you through email if it detects noise or changes in the environment. You can also set your own video and audio alerts, take snapshots with date and time, and send SMS messages. WebCam Monitor v.430 also features multiple camera viewing. The security software allows you to set monitoring schedules for your other individual cameras. You may need to purchase the professional version of the application to have full functionality, but a free 30-day trial version is available for download. WebCam Monitor v.4.30 comes at a hefty price of $69.95.

These are just some of the webcam security software available on the Internet and in stores today. If you already have a computer, a webcam, and an Internet connection, the next thing to do is to choose a software application that would suite your needs. You may have to consider the software’s price and features. You can read user reviews or ask your friends’ opinions about the software application that you want to have. Most importantly, you would have to see if it’s easy to use or not. Because the safety of your family is at stake, you should really see to it that you are comfortable with the webcam security software application that you have.

Trouble Shooting Webcam Problems

In order to keep up with the new applications, webcam software is regularly updated in order to work harmoniously with the applications being released. However, these pose problems with the users as their computers cannot communicate properly with the webcam brought about by these changes. There are also other issues which cause webcam problems that need attention. Before you can trouble shoot any webcam problems, it is best to first analyze the circumstances to ensure that it is not hardware problems.
How to diagnose the situation

The process of elimination works best on this aspect. Ruling out the possible hardware breakdown will eventually lead you to a more exact cause of the problem.

Try to unplug the device first and then plug it back into the computer. In some instances, doing this will relaunch the computer and webcam connection. However, if it fails, plug the webcam into another computer. If it works, then you are dealing with a driver issue. If it does not work, it is most likely that the webcam is already faulty. Even as hardware problems are a common cause for incompatibility with a lot of computers, there are also cases where the outdated drivers or not having drivers at all is the issue.

How to fix webcam driver faults

As soon as you have established that the problem is a driver error, you can now take necessary steps to solve this. Drivers act as the translators between the webcam and the communicator. Communication between the webcam and the computer is impossible if the drivers are broken, outmoded or is missing. The solutions to this are to have it repaired, updated or install the right drivers.

Normal computer usage can damage the drivers for a certain period of time. It can also be that a virus caused the driver to malfunction. Attempt reinstalling the webcam drivers.

Regular updating of the operating system can also cause the driver not to work properly. This is because the webcam drivers are not compatible with the new operating system. What you need to do is to update the drivers in this situation.

How to fix the situation automatically

Fixing the driver problem can be done manually. Although there is an easy way to fix it. By using software such as DriverFinder, drivers will be routinely updated and/or repaired. This software also does regular scanning and regularly updates the drivers.