Using The Digital Camera As Your Webcam

Many of you who own digital cameras may not be fully aware that apart from capturing images, the device can also serve another purpose. Did you know that a digital camera can also be used as a web cam? Yes, it is possible.

Unlike when using the digital camera that stores only the images you capture, utilizing it as a webcam allows other people including friends and family members to see you on real time via the internet. They make communicating online more personal. With a webcam, you can do video chat, video conferencing and even broadcast events live on the internet.

The first step you have to do is check the manual of your camera. Read carefully if it says that the unit can be used as a webcam. If your device has this functionality, it should come with a webcam software.

Most cameras with this feature need to be plugged into its power adapter before it can be used as a webcam. This is a better option to save your batteries. Utilizing the A/C power will also prevent your camera from shutting off while you’re using the device.

The next step is to attach the video cable into the “out” port of your digital camera. This is the cable used to connect to a video source. The other end of it should be connected to the “in” port of your video card’s video. Most digital cameras should have this cable to be able to connect the device to your TV.

Another option is to connect your digital camera through the USB port using an AV to USB converter cable. Just be sure that you install all the necessary drivers into your computer to make your camera function properly.

When positioning your digital camera, place it as close to your monitor as much as possible. This will allow you to better see your image on the computer and to let the other person you’re communicating with see you clearly as well.

Distance yourself about two to three feet away from your camera. This will make you clearer when the other person online sees you. Most digital cameras focus clearly at a distance when they’re used as a webcam.

From there, do a test of your digital camera’s microphone and video image. Turn your device on and put it on video mode. If no sound is transmitted, the best you can do is use a separate microphone. Make sure to plug the mic to the microphone jack of your sound card. When video and sound quality is okay, you can proceed with video chatting on the internet.

Use a headset to hear the sound quality and to speak with the other person if the headset has a mic attached to it. Or you can use your speakers as well if you don’t want to be bothered with a headset.

So that’s the magic of a digital camera. It serves dual purpose for you and your family. What more can you ask for and with the holidays approaching, this can make a great gift to your loved ones.